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Intel and Sony Collaborate For Spiderman Homecoming in VR Experience

Intel and Sony earlier this week announced a collaboration to create Spiderman Homecoming in VR experience (VRE) for an immersive experience. The VRE version of Spiderman Homecoming will provide an additional experience, one that sits unique than 3D.

The VRE version of Spiderman Homecoming is already available at selective number of Cinemark locations throughout United States. The collaboration between Intel and Sony is aiming to extend the availability of the experience, later this month.

The collaboration and availability of VRE version of Spiderman Homecoming may additionally boost the anticipation prior to the launch of movie. In past other high-tier games have received VRE version of movies but this is the officially the first time that Sony and Intel collaborated for a VRE project. This may turn out to be a base line for other VRE movie projects in future from Sony and Intel.

Intel and Sony

Those VR owners who have PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift can download the product free of cost by June 30, 2017. This applies only to VR owners, as stated by the creators that they will get the product at no additional cost.

Spiderman Homecoming VRE was created using Intel-powered Dell workstations and software solutions, all this in relatively short span of time. Spiderman Homecoming will open in theatres on June 07, 2017. Be sure to watch it in VRE for an immersive experience.



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