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Horizon Zero Dawn Crosses 3.4 Million Units Sold, PS4 Touches 60 Million Units Sold

The sales of Horizon Zero Dawn have successfully crossed more than 3.4 million units sold on PlayStation 4, developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed.

Speaking with Glixel in a recent interview, president and chief of Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) Shawn Layden revealed that the critically acclaimed action role-playing game sold over 2.6 million units within the first two weeks. This puts Horizon Zero Dawn selling nearly a million units in the past three months.

“We’ve been so proud of what that studio has been able to do,” said Layden. “It’s a brave step for that studio to go from making shooters like Killzone to an open-world game.”

In addition, it was also shared that 915,000 copies of the game were purchased digitally. “This kind of shift changes everything. It changes the publishing model, it allows smaller players to put out games, it affects DLC and it has a huge impact,” noted Layden.

Sony has already confirmed that it will be making Horizon Zero Dawn into a franchise. Looking at the success so far, it is also unsurprising that the publisher has given the developer the green light to support the game with a new story expansion. While there is no confirmation, there is a small chance that Sony will be discussing that during its press conference at E3 2017 next week.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sony announced that forty percent of PlayStation 4 Pro sales are from consumers upgrading from the standard model. Exact figures were not shared. However, the company also revealed that nearly 60 million PlayStation 4 units have been shipped to consumers worldwide. Note that this is the tally for consumers and not retailers, which is incredibly impressive. According to Layden, PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling PlayStation console to date. This includes the all-time industry record holder PlayStation 2.

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