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Traces of AMD Vega Dual-GPU Liquid Cooled Found inside Linux Drivers

A recent leak in Linux driver codes leaves a trace that AMD Vega Dual-Gpu with liquid cooling can become a possibility.  This is not the first time we have encountered a leak from AMD’s hardware on internet. But, unlike other times, this leak points towards a liquid cooled system that too with a Dual-GPU configuration.

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The traces of AMD Vega Dual-GPU Liquid Cooled system was found in this code:

table->Tliquid1Limit = cpu_to_le16(tdp_table->usTemperatureLimitLiquid1);

table->Tliquid2Limit = cpu_to_le16(tdp_table->usTemperatureLimitLiquid2);

In past, there have been leaks regarding the Polaris 12 as well as AMD Vega 10 in Linux drivers. What makes this leak interesting is the fact that we think AMD is not only inclined to make Vega cards for high-ends only. We think AMD is also making Vega GPUs for mid-range also.

The codes leaked in Linux drivers are new Vega 10 IDs, and we expect a larger family of Radeon RX Vega Graphics cards. The code mentioned in the drivers points towards a specific PLX chip that does the job of splitting PCIe lane so as to bridge dual-GPU configuration.

However, the traces do not tell any information on the type, model or version of AMD Vega GPU used in dual-GPU configuration with liquid Cooled system. This puts a dead-end to our thoughts as what were the exact AMD Vega GPUs capable of bridging with a support of liquid cooling. AMD has yet to reveal the AMD Vega lineup in detail. May, 16 is just around the corner and AMD has said it will be brief about the future of AMD Vega, Navi and Zen+. We have an idea AMD may reveal this dual-GPU liquid cooled AMD Vega configuration then.

With Nvidia having revealed already the first Volta architecture based GPU due out later this year. It is high time for AMD to showcase AMD Vega plans and let the hype die down that has piled up since long.



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