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SK Hynix Showcases GDDR6 at GTC 2017, Coming in High-end GPUs early 2018

SK Hynix has shown the next generation GDDR6 at GTC event 2017. The module shown at GTC has 8GB capacity. SK Hynix’s GDDR6 will power Nvidia’s Volta GPU, coming out next year.

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SK Hynix further showed the comparison between GDDR5 and GDDR6 and the advantages of next gen over previous generation. GDDR6 is not only powerful than GDDR6, but it is more efficient, and consumes less power.

Below is the comparison chart, shown by SK Hynix at GTC 2017.

SK hynix

GDDR6 leaps over GDDR5 in the density, ranging from 8Gb-16Gb. It also consists of higher burst length with pin data rate double to GDDR5. The upcoming GDDR6 even takes less voltage of 1.35V as compared to 1.55V in GDDR5. This is truly a next generation of DRAM technology, regardless of consuming low power than its predecessor; it offers double the bandwidth with addition of increased speed.

SK hynix

Currently, Nvidia is using a mixed DRAM technology in its graphics cards. From HBM2 to GDDR5X of Titan X(P) and GDDR5 for other mid-range cards. By next year, Nvidia will incorporate GDDR6 DRAM technology its Volta based GPU architecture. With difference in GDDR5 and GDDR6, as shown by SK Hynix, the future GPUs based on GDDR6 technology will offer higher speed and bandwidth while taking less power.

SK Hynix plans to deliver GDDR6 with 16Gb or above later on. With Nvidia launching the Volta based GPUs next year to compete against AMD’s Vega based GPU lineup, it will not be much long that we see 16Gb GDDR6 becoming mainstream.

In a parallel news, AMD will come up in an event on May 16, 2017 to share the roadmap on Vega, Navi and Zen+. We highly anticipate that more information of this leaked benchmark of an unknown Vega GPU could be revealed officially then. The top executives of AMD will discuss the roadmap on May 16, 2017 while sharing an insight on future plans for AMD Vega, Navi & Zen+.

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