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Samsung Galaxy Note7 R Apparently Already on Sale in China

Apparently, a Chinese retailer is selling the refurbished version of Samsung’s infamous flagship phablet from last year, Galaxy Note7, without the company announcing an official launch date for said device.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung was looking into selling refurbished models of Galaxy Note7 in South Korea. Those reports were not based on any official word from the company, but then came the official word without any confirmed launch date for the device, however. But it was hinted that if the plan to sell refurbished models does go through, it will be in South Korea.

This website listing for Galaxy Note7 R( for refurbished) on a Chinese website, then, seems oddly out of place. Still, it remains there, with photos of the device with R engraved at the back as proof of the refurbished nature of the handset, and two price listings: one is for roughly $520 and other is for $580. Why does it have two listings? Well, its because Samsung is apparently selling two variants of the refurbished Galaxy Note7: one comes with the smaller 3,200 mAh battery, and the other comes with the  original 3,500 mAh battery.

The 3,200 mAh variant does make sense because, as was proved by the investigation, the reason why Note7 handsets were prone to exploding was that the housing was too small, and the battery was too big for it. Therefore, a smaller battery would seem to do the trick. Why the 3,500 mAh variant is listed, seeing as it has received negative press and cost the company more thna $5 billion in damages, is anyone’s guess right now. But without official confirmation or announcement, it could still turn out to be false.

In any case, the 3,200 mAh battery listed for $520 is $290 cheaper than the original Note7, which is not quite the half-priced phablet with a modified battery that was reported by various sources.

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