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Qualcomm and Microsoft At Computex 2017, Beginning of a Collaboration maybe?

Computex 2017 event is due on May 31, 2017 and we know there will be big brands showcasing the products or roadmaps for their company. Recently, tweaktown received an email with invitation from Qualcomm. The invitation hints at collaboration between Qualcomm and Microsoft. Something big will go down at this year Computex 2017.

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Qualcomm and Microsoft

The invitation that Tweaktown received, mentions the following:

Join us under the stars at Computex 2017″. The rest of the invite reads: “munch, mingle, and raise a glass to celebrate the growing ecosystem that will bring an out-of-this-world mobile PC experience to the masses

This is Qualcomm hinting at something big with collaboration of Microsoft. We know Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon chips that will provide high-end performance to mid-range devices. So this invitation could be a hint that Qualcomm may finally be stepping in mobile-PC market.

Of course, the current low-power chipset market is dominated by Intel and next to it is the rival AMD. But, Qualcomm will not be competing against them; it will create a sense of competition, diversity in low-end chipset mobile-PCs.

We know Computex 2017 will finally bring the good news by revealing AMD Vega, as confirmed by AMD. There are lots of questions about the prices, specs, roadmap of AMD Vega and other AMD future hardware technology. We hope all of the questions will be answered at Computex 2017 press conference. We may also know more about Navi and Zen+ at Computex 2017.

Unlike a GPU hardware technology breakthrough, this year at Computex 2017 the hardware leap which we may get in form of mobile PCs from the partnership between Qualcomm and Microsoft could revolutionize the mobile PCs as we know.  Microsoft has potentially discontinued its support for tablet-PCs which were very easy to carry but had little to offer. ARM processors clearly failed there, but, Qualcomm may bring about something new with collaboration of Microsoft.

Let us wait and see what Qualcomm has to offer this year at Computex 2017 on May 31. Stay tuned to know more.




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