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Nvidia Max-Q Technology Promises Thinner yet Powerful Gaming Laptops, Coming June 27

Nvidia has revealed Max-Q technology at Computex 2017, which can revolutionize the bulky and noisy gaming laptops into quiet, thinner and powerful machines as we dream of.  Nvidia promised that with Max-Q technology we will bring a series of gaming laptops that will be three times thinner and faster than current laptops.

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Nvidia further told that Max-Q technology is aimed to maximum efficiency plus maximum performance. Nvidia claimed that it has used similar technology the one used by NASA also, which will ensure incredibly thin and powerful gaming laptops manufacturing.

This roughly means that Nvidia is trying to set a new trend, from bulky to incredible thin and relatively more powerful gaming laptop with the help of Max-Q technology. For comparison, Nvidia showed a Max-Q technology design chart:

Max-Q Technology

The chart potentially plots the significance of Max-Q technology. From bulky 51mm to 18mm thin laptop design for a gaming laptop will be a game changer for gamers who like to carry the bulky laptop around with a lot of inconvenience. On side note, 18mm is actually the thickness of MacBook Air, which in turn is not a gaming laptop.

Secondly, the weight will reduce from 10Lbs to 5Lbs, which is half of weight reduction Max-Q technology will offer.  Concurrently, with the weight reduction we will see GPU upgrade also from 880M to GTX 1080. This will be a great offering Max-Q technology will provide in a half weight laptop that still gives increased power performance.

The gaming laptop should be 70% more powerful and efficent that current generation of laptops. According to CEO Jensen Huang, the laptop is 60% more powerful than Playstation 4 Pro.

Max-Q Technology

Nvidia also shared information that these laptops will come with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX  1080, GTX 1070, or GTX 1060 GPUs that will be build by AIB partners like Asus, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Gigabyte and others.

Nvidia mentioned that gaming laptop community will no longer need to wait for gaming laptops. The new revolutionized laptops will be available to buy from June, 27, 2017.

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