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Prey Stuttering Problem Fixed With Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 Update

The recent Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 fixes the stuttering issues that Nvidia users for PC has faced while playing Prey game. Prey released recently and it is a very well optimized for PC platform. Regardless of how low-end your PC is, you will get good FPS with almost zero bug issues. This is at least true for AMD GPU owners, Nvidia owners face stuttering issues while playing Prey. The issue is not a hardware-centric but it is more of a software issue.

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Prey released about a week ago as a multi-platform game on Xbox One, PC and PS4. It is a very well optimized game for PC Platform, Arkane Studios did a good job here and it is well appreciated. The frames per second are caped at 144FPS. Regardless of how high-end your Nvidia GPU is, you will experience stutter issues and FPS will drop below 60. Most of the Nvidia drivers download automatically, but if you have jumped on Nvidia wagon while playing Prey, you need to download drivers manually.

Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19

Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 is the only method to get a stutter free experience while playing on PC. However, it must be brought to attention here that, the hotfix will only improve performance issues and that you will still experience minor stutters. Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 does not resolve the issue completely; it only minimizes the effect of stutter experience. Still, you are better off to patch the Prey game with latest Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19, it performs a lot better with update as compared to without update.

You can download the Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 update here manually to optimize Prey and get one step closer to stutter-less experience.

In parallel news, Zotac has announced Arctic Storm edition of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. It comes with water block and has LED illumination technology named as Spectra. The Spectra technology will ensure the best looking water cooling system on a GPU. The Water block has G 1/4 threads, it covers entire graphics card that will cool GPU, VRAM and VRMs simultaneously.

For more on this news, check out here.

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