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NVIDIA Announces 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors at Computex 2017

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang told at Computex 2017 that this year’s show will debut for 4K G-sync HDR monitors. Nothing more is shared or told at first day of Nvidia Press conference. However, PCgamer managed to get a quick look at ASUS and Acer Predator version of 4k G-Sync monitor, two of the monitors were announced back in January CES, 2017.

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang did not share information that which companies will show 4K G-Sync HDR ready monitors, but we highly expect to see some in ASUS, and ACER’s press conference.

4K G-Sync HDR 4K G-Sync HDR

Nvidia tells about 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors at GeForce website that:

These new G-SYNC HDR monitors feature higher peak brightness for stunning, vivid visuals with bold saturated colors; tremendous contrast for richer, more natural dark scenes; and a wide gamut of colors close to the DCI-P3 cinema standard. With these and other advancements your favorite games, such as Mass Effect Andromeda and Shadow Warrior 2, will look more realistic than ever before, mesmerizing you with dazzling displays of color, brightness and contrast that were previously impossible to render.

We will come with more information if ASUS, ACER or any other company showcases its 4K G-Sync HDR ready monitor at Computex 2017.

In parallel news, Nvidia has revealed Max-Q technology at Computex 2017, which can revolutionize the bulky and noisy gaming laptops into quiet, thinner and powerful machines as we dream of.  Nvidia promised that with Max-Q technology we will bring a series of gaming laptops that will be three times thinner and faster than current laptops.

Nvidia further told that Max-Q technology is aimed to maximum efficiency plus maximum performance. Nvidia claimed that it has used similar technology the one used by NASA also, which will ensure incredibly thin and powerful gaming laptops manufacturing.

To know more on availability of these laptops, read here.


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