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NVIDIA and AMD Announced Computex 2017 Press Conferences

We now know for sure that both NVIDIA and AMD are coming in hot at Computex 2017 as they have announced this on their respective twitter pages. According to the announcements, NVIDIA will host its press conference a day before AMD. Press conference can be watched via live stream.

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It is now known for sure that NVIDIA will be hosting its press conference a day before AMD. Both NVIDIA and AMD have something big to showcase, since AMD is preparing to debut AMD Vega and NVIDIA may show something big prior to AMD so as to counter it.


AMD this time may showcase its Vega GPU lineup, since its been eons that AMD has been talking about its Vega architecture without an official reveal. Both NVIDIA and AMD have products to show-off at Computex 2017, but AMD has a better edge as they now have on one hand Ryzen CPUs and on the other hand Vega GPUs. AMD live stream has potential to showcase or share a wide array of products, be it next lineup of Ryzen CPUs or Vega GPUs.

It will be really interesting to see what both NVIDIA and AMD actually show at Computex 2017. Since we have no confirmation on the products that will be showcased at live stream event, we are uncertain about most of things. Sta tuned on May, 30 and May, 31, 2017 for Computex 2017.

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