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Now You Can Order Food Through Facebook

Facebook is quickly becoming a hyperreal version of life itself. It’s come to the point where it’s creepy how many needs it serves for the average user. We use it to check out different places around us and use it to validate our opinions, read news (fake news or real, you decide), find out the weather, shop online, and watch looping videos or memes that fade as quickly as they appear. Now, the social network has taken that a step further. You can now order food through the social network.

A small blue burger-styled “Order Food” option has started to appear on some versions of the Facebook app (in the menu tab) and on the web app too (on the sidebar). If you tap on it, it leads you to a list of restaurants in your area that use the service. Tapping on any of the restaurant icons will take to its Facebook page, or you can just press “Start Order” and go to the menu. The interface of this new feature seems simple enough. There’s a place to write your address for delivery, or to tell the restaurant that you’ll pick up the order for yourself. There’s even an option to tip the restaurant.

The feature is powered by Delivery.com and Slice, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook already has ways for you to order clothes and electronics online through company pages, and even food, but now it’s making the process a whole lot easier. And as more and more restaurants get this feature, it’s going to make online orders much faster. This is part of an ongoing campaign to make Facebook more and more friendly for companies to market their products.

As it is, Facebook is a huge part of your life but with the inclusion of ordering food, the social network is doing what no other service ever has, making sure you don’t ever have to leave it for anything.

Facebook is fast closing in on 2 billion monthly users. Achieving that milestone would mean that more than a fourth of the entire population (if we believe there are no fake, or multiple accounts) can order food through the social network.

GrubHub Stock Dips After Facebook’s Food Ordering Option Goes Live

GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB), the main competitor of Slice and Delivery.com, the exact services that Facebook is using for its Food Delivery service, reported a dip in Stock on 19th May. The stock dipped from $44.02 to $43.37 (a 1.59% drop) on Friday. Facebook shares rose by 0.27% from $147.66 to $148.06.



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