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New System Update Released for Xbox One Preview Program, Fixes Number of Problems

Those enrolled in the Xbox One Preview Program can now access a brand new system update, which brings fixes to a number of previously reported problems.

Games that have been uninstalled will no longer show up as installed. An issue with sorting, where the system would rearrange items alphabetically even when not asked to, has been fixed. A rare bug that would restrict users from participating in tournaments has been squashed. In addition, there are several localization improvements packed into the update.

Patch notes for Build 1705.170505-1900 can be read below. The update will remain with the Xbox One Preview Program until it is given the permission to roll out for everyone else later this month.

Games and Apps

  • Fixed an issue which could cause games and apps to sort alphabetically when using “Sort by last used” or “Sort by last update”.
  • Certain games should no longer appear in the Apps section while they are installing.
  • Resolved an issue which could sometimes cause uninstalled games to display as installed in the Games category.


  • Miscellaneous localization fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes prevent users from participating in Tournaments.

Last month, Microsoft announced that it will soon be launching a “self-service refund” program for consumers to instantly refund their digital purchases. This covers both video games and applications available on the Microsoft Store. The decision is another step in the company’s goal to further improve its online services by acting on feedback and bringing in highly requested features.

Xbox One is also being prepped to receive Game Pass, a Netflix-style service that will grant members access to a large catalog of over a hundred games. This includes both Xbox One and backwards-compatible titles. It is similar to PlayStation Now, without any streaming or cumbersome requirements involved. Those interested will be bale to sign up for $10 per month.

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