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Microsoft Won’t Be Showing Halo 6 at E3 2017

Set aside any hopes of seeing Halo 6 grace the stage at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) next month.

Responding to a thread on Reddit, community manager Brian Jarrard confirmed that 343 Industries will have a “little something” to show at E3 2017 but it will not be related to the “next major entry in the [Halo] franchise.” The news was met with dismay since many fans were hoping to see at least a teaser trailer for Halo 6 during Microsoft’s press briefing.

That being said, the company had already mentioned previously that a new Halo or Gears of War installment will not be released this year. While most kept their fingers crossed, the developer will be taking its time and probably start revealing the game either later this, or early next, year.

There is no information on what 343 Industries actually plans to reveal at E3 2017. The “little something” could be an announcement related to Halo Wars 2 or something else.

In other Halo-related news, studio head Dan Ayoub parted ways with 343 Industries this week to pursue a passion for education through technology. He will be working for Mixed Reality, another venture of Microsoft, which uses virtual reality to expand the prospects of the company’s HoloLens hardware.

Ayoub has been working on Halo titles since Halo: Reach in 2009, and leaves the future of Halo Wars 2 and its DLC to be carried forward by his team at 343 Industries.

Microsoft will be hosting its press briefing at E3 2017 on Sunday, June 11. The known catalog of games includes Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves. We’re hoping that Xbox boss Phil Spencer will be surprising everyone with at least a couple of new announcements. Besides that, the conference will almost surely highlight the incentives of purchasing a Project Scorpio unit later this year.

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