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Microsoft Renews Scalebound Trademark, Possibility of Remake in the Air

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft had a change of heart when it renewed the trademark license for Scalebound earlier this month.

The company decided to scrap the open-world action role-playing game in January, two years after its official announcement and four years after development began by Platinum Games. The cancellation of Scalebound took everyone by surprise, leaving a disappointed fan-base that is still trying to decipher what went wrong.

Responding to criticism, Microsoft stated that companies sometimes need to take risks. Without explaining the reason behind the stern decision, Xbox boss Phil Spencer also shared the sentiment that the cancellation had merit.

Microsoft renewing the trademark could just be a company protecting its licenses. However, with E3 2017 on the horizon, fans are already speculating about a possible announcement. One individual is claiming to have inside knowledge through anonymous sources that development of the game has resumed and is led by an a “trusted” name close to Microsoft.

That being said, an official spokesperson is yet to comment on the trademark renewal. Hence, anything that you read until then, take it as mere rumor.

Scalebound was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference as an exclusive title for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. At the time, a release window of fall 2016 was mentioned. However, this was later pushed into 2017, with rumors of a holiday launch.

Earlier this year, Microsoft promised that the cancellation of Scalebound won’t affect its lineup of upcoming games. It mentioned Crackdown 3, another game which many feared at the time may also be canned soon. However, the cloud-powered title was later confirmed for a release later this year. It is one game that Microsoft is expected to focus on during its conference at E3 2017.

What do you think? Has Microsoft really started work on the game again?

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