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Microsoft Launches $999 Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

Confirming the images leaked last night by Twitter user WalkingCat, Microsoft have today announced its Chromebook Pixel competitor, called “Surface Laptop”. According to the announcement at the May 2nd Microsoft event in New York City, the Surface Laptop will start from the price of $999.

Yesterday, leaked images pointed towards Microsoft launching its answer to the Chromebook Pixel laptop series that’s been revered by education-centered audiences. The images showed a laptop system with a 13.5-inch PixelSense display and in four colors of platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and graphite gold. As confirmed by the announcement today, those are, indeed, the four colors in which Surface Laptop will be available for users, and it’ll weigh less than under 3 pounds, as it was claimed by the Twitter user that leaked the images.

Panos Panay, device chief for Microsoft, got up on the stage today and explained what led to the creation of the Surface Laptop: “”We talk to a lot of them (students)… they’re asking for a laptop, they’re asking for a Surface laptop,”. And that is what Microsoft has given the students, a Surface Laptop that costs $999 for the basic configuration with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory, and 128GB internal storage.

It will run the latest Windows 10 S, with apps supported only on Windows Store. Unless the user upgrades to Windows 10 Pro, which is free until the end of the year for those who buy the Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S. Moreover, Surface Laptop features an alcantara Surface Pro 4-like keyboard with 1.5mm backlit keys, which highlights the premium look and feel that it is clearly made to exhibit.

Some of the other features that Panay went on to highlight were the display the battery: the former is the PixelSense display with 3:2 aspect ratio that he called “the thinnest LCD touch model ever created and put into a laptop. As for the latter, Panay exclaimed that the battery on the new Surface product would last for more than 14 hours on a charge, with “more battery life than any MacBook Air on the market today”.

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