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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Guide for Male Ryder

There are multiple ways for the new pathfinder to pursue a bit off Mass Effect Andromeda romance and get close to the crew.

Much like the original trilogy, players have the option to work their way towards establishing relationships with their colleagues or pure strangers encountered on a distant planet. However, do take note that the Mass Effect Andromeda romance guide is split into two portions.

The game allows you to play as either a male or female protagonist. Both get the same opportunities but with a twist. There are characters that commit to both sexes, and then there are those that are exclusive to either gender.

Exclusive Male Romance Options

Take time out in-between missions to strike regular conversations with her. She can be found in either the tech lab or the cargo bay. Flirt regularly until her loyalty mission unlocks, which spans over several mission arcs and requires critical path progress to complete. The final mission will have you tracking down the lost Asari ark.

After completing her loyalty mission, talk to her and leave the Tempest. Return soon after for a steamy encounter.

Avela Kjar
She is a historian, who you will come across on Aya. Compared to others, Kjar is pretty open about her feelings and will often flirt with you for fun. Make sure to complete her side-quests and hit the charming dialogues that follow.

Take note that cementing a relationship with her will also require you to make progress in the story campaign. Also, Kjar is one character that has no love scene. Hence, it is up for you to decide if the work is worth it.

Talk to him regularly and mash the flirt options. Soon, the wheel will start giving out dialogues for you to pursue a more than friendly relationship. You can find him in the engineering section of the ship.

Eventually, he will task you with his loyalty mission. Complete that and he will email you about spending time together on Prodromos. Head there and reveal your true intentions.

Multi-Romance Options

The Asari smash minds when it comes to relaying one’s feelings. She is the first character that you recruit when you start the campaign on the planet of Eos, and can be found in the cargo bay of the ship afterwards.

She is hard to flirt with but will open up once she tasks you with a couple of her personal missions. When the time comes, you will be presented with two options. You can either opt for a casual relationship or one that requires commitment.

She provides limited opportunities for you to flirt. Hence, it is necessary to seize every one of them. Be patient with her and work towards her loyalty mission. She can be found in the storage room of the cargo bay, but can often move into the quarters of Drack.

To cement things with Vetra, you need to do at least the following flirting:

    1. Choose “you’re intense” when you first chat on the Tempest.
    2. Ask about “anyone special

And in a subsequent chat on the Tempest:

    1. Say “I’m here for you both” during Vetra’s loyalty mission.
    2. Tell Vetra you’re “dreaming of someone”

Reyes Vidal
Missing from most part of the game, his role will peak during the settlement of Kadara in the “Hunting the Archon” mission. Speak with him whenever possible and complete the Murder in Kadara Port, Divided Loyalties, Precious Cargo and Night Out missions.

Unfortunately, his commitment banks on your other actions as well. There is no guarantee that he will stick around afterwards.

The journalist has a thing for you as well. She won’t open up during the first few initial interview but will later give you options to charm her. Keri will be available regardless of whether you’re in a relationship with someone else or not. She is a one-night stand and will not affect your relationship with others.

Saqib Mansoor
The odd man in the group who hates chocolate, cheese, and having to work on Sundays.


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