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05 Annoying Samsung Galaxy S8 Reported Problems

After Galaxy S7 debacle, Samsung ensured the loyal customers to do a comeback with the launch of Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus lunched April 21, 2017 and since then numerous problems regarding software and hardware are reported. We have a list of top 05 annoying problems Samsung Galaxy S8 has suffered since launch.

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The list contains the reported problems by millions of Galaxy S8 users. The list tells the biggest and annoying reported problems since the launch.

01: Device Rebooting

The recent issue surfaced all over the internet that Galaxy S8 reboots on its own. The issue is more common for recent Galaxy S8 owners. Since it is a software issue and it will get a fix probably when an update rolls out, till then, no fix is available at this point.

02: Finger print scanner and its position

Galaxy S8 scanner is positioned besides its rear camera, that being said many users find it hard to reach out for it, as they find it an inconvenience. The scanner also does not work as in previous devices of Galaxy series.

The position makes it hard for users to reach and hit the scanner, some report it as a hard to hit because of its position. Sadly, nothing much can be done about it and one has to get used to with newly allocated scanner position.

03: Galaxy S8 WiFi problems

WiFi is an essential hardware in every smartphone. Unfortunately, millions of Galaxy S8 users have reported poor performances; speed drops or in some cases WiFi not even loading a single website at all.

04: Galaxy S8 Camera problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with fabulous dual 12MP rear-camera, which is capable of gorgeous captures. But, only if it works, right?

A very few problems were reported regarding a camera failure with a warning notification “Exit camera. Battery temperature too high”. It is understandable that in hot climatic conditions, phones get hot and may show improper function issues. But, few users reported the same camera issue while taking photos indoor.

05: Bixby Vision broken

A new edition to camera and Galaxy S8 feature was the Bixby vision. Its functionality is to analyze an image and mention the product availability on amazon website. Unfortunately, it is still broken since launch, especially for Verizon Galaxy S8 variant devices.

There are other minor and major software to hardware issues with Samsung Galaxy S8, tell us your top 05 annoying issues in comment section below.



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