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LawBreakers Confirmed for Playstation 4, Cross-Play Ruled Out

It has been revealed that there is a PlayStation 4 version of LawBreakers currently in development.

In the past, Cliff Bleszinski stated that the only way LawBreakers would get to grace a console is if it finds a “great” publishing partner. However, his new studio, Boss Key Productions, finally came to the conclusion that it would be in its best interest to handle the project internally.

“The thing we realized, doing something like console, some of this stuff–like tweaking controls–is so close to the gameplay and so close to making the game ultimately very playable, that there’s nobody else outside of us that can do that,” explained COO Arjan Brussee. “You need Cliff in front of the TV, hands on the controller, giving feedback. You can’t outsource that.”

According to the developer, the newly announced PlayStation 4 version has not distracted the team from the PC version, which remains in closed beta. In fact, the console port has helped the developers figure out better optimization features for PC.

LawBreakers is said to run a “lot smoother” on PC now than before, and continues to evolve with time.

However, do not expect support for cross-play between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. As Bleszinski put it, cross-play is a dumb idea that everyone asks for. At least for LawBreakers it holds no merit.

LawBreakers will feature a “starting” price of $30, giving players access to all future “content upgrades” for free. This includes new characters, maps, and modes.

The game is still without a release date, but the developer is confident that it will manage to release is simultaneously on both platforms. On that note, the possibility of LawBreakers arriving for Xbox One has not been ruled out. A closed beta for PlayStation 4 is likely to be announced in the coming months. As for the release date, we will just have to wait more.

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