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iPhone 8 to Reportedly Ship with Bundled AirPods

The rumor mill for Apple’s upcoming premium flagship of this year, the 10th anniversary edition iPhone 8, just keeps churning, and we have more news almost every other day regarding the production and launch of the handset. Today, something new has come to light: apparently, Apple is looking to ship its truly wireless AirPods with iPhone 8, bundled together.

AirPods were, of course, launched last year at the September iPhone 7 event, and after numerous delays in release and shipment, finally made it to the hands of the users. Once they did so, however, the whole landscape changed as users took to AirPods fairly immediately and its user approvals soared. The $159 wireless earphones recently managed to achieve a record 98 percent approvals in a customer survey conducted by market research firm Creative Strategies, which is more than what the original iPhone in 2007 or Apple Watch in 2015 achieved.

As for iPhone 8, reports have hinted at a number of possibilities regarding the iOS device’s delayed launch, a limited release, and production difficulties especially in some of the break-through technology like the embedded touch ID OLED display. What they haven’t talked about so far, is the packaging and items inside the iPhone 8 bundle. But even that box was checked today after a JP Morgan analyst hinted at the inclusion of AirPods in the iPhone 8 package.

If we critically view this prediction from JP Morgan, a few loop-holes jump out almost immediately: firstly, iPhone 8 is not yet even guaranteed to make the September launch period on its own, and AirPods still face a six-week shipment delay if you’re not opting for the in-store pickup. Bundling the two devices together on time for the traditional September launch, then, starts to look like a suicide mission, from this perspective.

Apart from the AirPods bundled in the package, rumors have indicated at other specs and new features for iPhone 8 including truly wireless charging, an OLED display panel, and the latest A11 processor. The dual-lens rear camera setup introduced with iPhone 7 Plus is also expected to return, the positioning for which still remains up in the air as some have reported a vertical setup, while others have denied the same.

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