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Google Assistant Standalone App Launched for iPhone

One of the most anticipated announcements of Google I/O 2017 developers conference was made at the keynote presentation today, when Google’s voice recognition tool Google Assistant was launched for iPhone as a standalone app.

Among a whole host of reported updates for software and new hardware, an iOS app for Google Assistant was also on top of not only the wish-list of users, but also the event-related speculation pieces. Those reports have been proven to be right on the money, at the tenth annual I/O conference hosted by Google.

For the time being, Google Assistant on iPhone will only be available to users in the United States, but it should roll-out in more markets with the passage of time. Of course, it is important for Google to first gauge not only the interest and response, but the adaptability of the voice recognition tool to fit into the iOS architecture that’s been built around Apple’s own voice assistant, Siri.

Speaking of Siri’s integration within iOS, it is important to note that Google Assistant will not be able to replace Siri on your iPhone, if that’s something you’d like to do. That being said, it will still handle voice-based queries, for which you’ll obviously have to open the app itself. Google’s Voice Search tool is already available for users on iOS where they can present their voice-based queries, but it’s unable to handle complex and follow-up questions in a series, like Google Assistant does.

Apart from Google Assistant, some of the other announcements made at Google I/O 2017 include Smart Reply for Gmail, Android O details, addition of Google Lens to Google Photos, and updates for Google Home powered by Google Assistant including Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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