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The First Teaser For The OnePlus 5 Has Been Released (Leaks & Rumours)

The first teaser for the OnePlus 5 is here. An image was posted on the Chinese social network, Weibo. It’s big red letters in front of a white background saying, “Hello 5”. Personally, I think they could’ve sent the message more succinctly by saying “Hi 5”, but anyway. With the teaser, the rumour mill has started churning faster. The OnePlus 5 comes after the highly acclaimed OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T phones which were hailed as the best mid-range devices you can buy. Their successor promises to be faster, more durable, more long-lasting and, as always, heavy on the specs and low on price.

The OnePlus 3T (Gunmetal)


The OnePlus 3 and 3T, were quite a bit pricier than their predecessors. The former came in at $399, the latter at $439. Yet they still delivered very impressive specs at $200 less than the average flagship. Gripes with the devices were a lack of waterproofing, battery life which was found wanting, and a few software problems here and there with Oxygen OS, the modified version of Android. The OnePlus 5 promises to overcome most of those problems.


The first thing you’ll notice is that OnePlus skipped the number 4. This is because the Chinese word for “four” bears similarity to the Chinese word for “death”. But what will the OnePlus 5 have? Here are some predictions:

  • Snapdragon 835 Chipset
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • A Quad HD display (2560×1440)
  • An IP68 rating for dust and water-resistance
  • A 4000 mAh/3600 mAh battery
  • Vertical, Dual-Lens Camera
  • Curved display
  • $500 price tag

These rumours are all unsubstantiated at this point and the only things to go by are some leaked sketches of the phone as well as a picture that just shows the back of the device. Since OnePlus goes all out on specs each time and delivers class as well as performance, you can’t be blamed for thinking that the best of everything will be crammed into this device. 

There are still questions as to how OnePlus will design the device. Will they follow the latest flagship smartphone trend, the nearly bezel-less display? Not likely, since the display is more a cosmetic add-on to a phone rather than a must have spec. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 have come out with great bezel-less displays, but their awkward 18.5:9 aspect ratio and the lack of a physical home button (leading to an awkwardly placed finger print sensor) has left reviewers wanting. 

Regardless, if OnePlus’ track record is any indicator, the OnePlus 5 will be a roaring success and only increase their brand value and notoriety among the masses.



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