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Darksiders: Fury’s Collection Leaked Online, Bundles Everything

Shortly after Amazon listed Darksiders III on its website, the official PlayStation Store went ahead to include a Darksiders: Fury’s Collection.

According to the details, the collection will feature the remastered versions of both the previous two installments in the series. This includes Darksiders Warmastered and Darksiders II: Deathfinitive Edition.

The perfect compilation for longtime fans of the franchise and players new to Darksiders, players will take on the role of War – the first, most powerful and most erratic Horseman of the Apocalypse and Death, the most feared and legendary of the Horsemen.

Darksiders: Fury’s Collection is priced at €19.99 and will require at least 30 GB of storage space for installation. The product description also reveals that the collection will support remote play but only with the second installment.

Unfortunately there is no release date attached to the listing. It also strange that the bundle is being marketed by using Fury’s name when she isn’t even featured in it. It fools you into believe that the collection also features the just confirmed Darksiders III installment.

Darksiders III will feature Fury as the third Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She is a mage who uses magic and an enchanted whip to “restore the balance between good and evil” on a ravaged Earth.

The accompanying gameplay details confirm that Fury will have various forms, each granting different weapons and abilities. Much like the previous games, expect to switch on the fly to adapt to different situations.

Darksiders III will feature an open-world, with the franchise’s signature “expansive post-apocalyptic environments.” Players will be fighting against the seven deadly sins and all sorts of mythical creatures.

With E3 2017 just around the corner, expect THQ Nordic to take the opportunity to officially announce details for both the third installment as well as the collection bundle. Expect Darksiders III to arrive next year; though, the bundle should probably hit shelves later this year.

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