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First Cross-Play Testing Between Xbox One and PC Went Smooth for Sea of Thieves

It was last year when Rare expressed great interest for the implementation of cross-play support for Sea of Thieves. While the developer seemed confident in its inclusion, the feature was still something that only existed on the drawing board.

Today, we come to know that Rare held the first-ever internal testing for cross-play in Sea of Thieves this week. The functionality was tested between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. According to the developer, the results were better than anticipated.

“That’s definitely something we want to be rolling out to the community to test,” said executive producer Joe Nate. “But I sent an email to the team saying how great it was, because it was just seamless. You wouldn’t even notice it – you’re just there, playing with people on PC and Xbox One and that just opens up so many possibilities.”

According to lead designer Mike Chapman, cross-play support holds great importance when it comes to experiencing Sea of Thieves the way it needs to be. “Whether it’s progression, long-term, no barriers in place to play with friends, but also making friends in the game and platform is another barrier that shouldn’t exist,” he stated.

Being able to jump platforms has always been difficult for developers to pursue, but in recent times both Microsoft and Sony have shown interest. Microsoft, particularly wants to enhance its user-base by allowing both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One to integrate within games seamlessly. The Coalition, for example, is expected to release Ranked Cross-Play support for Gears of War 4 later this year.

Sea of Thieves is slated to commence with its first external alpha testing on PC soon. It will begin with a small pool of testers, which will be gradually expanded with time. Those who don’t get an invite should not be worried, as they will get a turn in upcoming waves.

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