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Apple’s Siri Speaker Set to Land at WWDC this Year, Says Kuo

After rumors indicating in recent weeks that a virtual assistant speaker powered by Siri could be launched by Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo has today published an industry note claiming that the device could indeed be on its way and could be launched this summer.

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo is arguably the most reliable source of news for any and all things Apple; his record remains impeccable and his industry and investor notes are reported by trusted sources in a haste. His latest report comes about the rumored Siri-powered speaker by Apple, that could be launched as Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, and the upcoming Microsoft solution based on Cortana.

According to Kuo, an Apple home AI device could be launched this summer at the 28th annual Worldwide Developers Conference, and the virtual assistant speaker could go on sale later this year. It would be positioned in the market as a “premium” alternative to the widely-popular and now-standard home AI solution, Amazon Echo. As a result, Apple’s home AI solution would be relatively expensive, while boasting features such as an excellent sound with seven tweeters and a sub-woofer.

Apple had previously insisted that a central AI hub was not one of its focuses with Siri, but Kuo is of the opinion that the home AI device market has displayed the sort of growth and potential that’s convinced Apple to change its mind. Therefore, it is now looking to launch its own device that would be manufactured by the company that made its truly wireless Airpods debuted with iPhone 7 last September, Investec.

Sonny Dickinson’s tweets were the initial smoke that caused the news outlets to look for the fire in recent weeks, and he shared design details a few days earlier, stating that it could be shaped similar to the outgoing Mac Pro. Today, Kuo has shared details about the device’s launch and positioning, while echoing previous reports that it would come with support for AirPlay, iOS, and Mac, powered by an Apple SoC.

We’ll keep you posted with more updates as we get them on this subject. As WWDC 2017 gets ever closer, we believe this will not be the last we hear of the Siri speaker.

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