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Apple Overtakes Fitbit to Become Biggest Wearables Company

A new report from market research firm Strategic Analytics has placed Apple at the top of the wearable technology industry, overtaking Chinese wearable company Fitbit in the process.

The figures prove what Apple CEO Tim Cook recently exclaimed in an investor call, that Apple has witnessed a major bump in Apple Watch sales, and it re-asserts the Cupertino firm’s dominance in another tech industry. For the first quarter of 2017, according to Strategic Analytics, Apple sold more than 3.5 million units of the Apple Watch. The figure obviously includes both the first iteration and its second version, launched alongside iPhone 7 last year at the September event.

At the top, Apple has a slight edge over another Chinese tech giant Xiaomi with 3.4 million units sold during the same period. Xiaomi is a firm well-known for producing high-end products with competitive prices, and their products range from water heaters, electric bikes, drones, and other tech equipment. The previous table-topper Fitbit now remains stranded in third place for Q1 2017, as both Apple and Xiaomi have sold more wearables than them.

Interestingly, Apple is also the only major vendor with an increase in sales Year-on-Year, as it sold 2.2 million in Q1 2016 but jumped to 3.5 million for the same period in 2017. This fact clearly demonstrates that Apple made it to the top of the pile at the expense of other major players in the market, eating up sales mostly from Fitbit as it shows a 1.6 million units sold less than Q1 2016.

As for total market share, Apple again makes it to the top with 15.9 percent, leaving Xiaomi and Fitbit biting the dust at 15.5 percent and 13.2 percent respectively. Once again, Apple showed the highest jump in market share, rising from 12.1 percent to 15.9 percent, with Fitbit losing the most ground as it declined from a massive one quarter of the market position 24.7 percent to 13.2 percent only.

The sales numbers of Q1 2017 don’t make for very encouraging reading for fans of Fitbit’s low-cost wearables, and the company itself will be looking towards its upcoming Apple Watch competitor that’s tipped to feature a GPS, the ability to play music from Pandora, and up to 4 days of battery life, to make amends and snatch some of its customers back from Apple.

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