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Apple AirPods Achieve Record 98 Percent Approval on Customer Survey

Apple’s new truly wireless earphones, AirPods, have achieved a record-breaking 98 percent approval from customers in a survey conducted by research firm Creative Strategies.

The survey was conducted in collaboration with Experian, and more than 942 users of Apple AirPods were quizzed about the experience and feel of Apple’s first wireless earphones. According to the results of the survey, 82 percent users were “Very Satisfied” with the product, and 16 percent were “Satisfied”; in total, a whopping 92 percent chose one of the two most positive responses in the survey, and only a meager 2 percent chose the rest of the three options.

Ben Bajarin, principle analysts at Creative Strategies, compares the results of Apple AirPods with other break-through Apple innovations, namely the iPhone in 2007, iPad in 2010, and Apple Watch in 2015. Straight away, it is apparent through the comparison that AirPods are the most satisfying Apple product on which the research firm have ever conducted a study on; iPhone and iPad in 2007 and 2010 respectively had a 92 percent approval rating, while Apple Watch came closest with its 97 percent rating in 2015.

Apart from the survey scores, a Net Promoter Score was also gauged for the device, which quizzes users on whether they would recommend the product to their friends. Where 0 means “not likely at all” and 10 means “very likely”, AirPods boast an aggregate score of 75. According to the firm’s scale, anything over 70 represents a world-class product, which is a bracket that Apple could now proudly boast of after this survey.

Some individual aspects of the product were also part of the survey, as users gave 97 to 98 percent approvals for time to charge, charging case design, and Apple’s pairing process. Battery life and comfort landed at 95 percent, while easily the most dissatisfying aspect of the AirPods, however minimal its impact, was a secure fit as only 93 percent agreed that it fit perfectly, and more than 4 percent users were of the view that it actually did not fit properly.

While these numbers may seem ordinary if viewed in this manner, but Apple have created a truly magnificent product, the excellence of which is only highlighted by this study.

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