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Leaked AMD Vega Benchmarks Reveal a 1200MHz, 8GB VRAM GPU, a mid-range Vega maybe?

There have been rumors all over internet over a leaked benchmarks of an unknown Vega graphics card, the Vega benchmarks reveal that it may not outperform GTX 1080/Titan or the benchmark sample is about a mid range Vega GPU?. Nothing is sure at this point; we wait until AMD officially showcases the GPU based on this benchmarking result.

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The early Vega benchmarks sample reveal that unknown AMD Vega GPU has a core clock of 1200MHz and it boost clock of 1400MHz. Furthermore, Vega benchmarks reveal that card has 8GB of VRAM and it is running at 700MHz. From the looks of it, the benchmarks point at a Vega GPU slower in performance than a GTX 1080/Titan. On the contrary, previously AMD stated that AMD Vega will compete against GTX 1080/Titan. There can be a possibility of a mid-range Vega card, this is mere speculation only.

Vega Benchmarks

AMD will come up in an event on May 16, 2017 to share the roadmap on Vega, Navi and Zen+. We highly anticipate that more information of this leaked benchmark of an unknown Vega GPU could be revealed officially then.

There is little we know about AMD Vega, Navi & Zen+ and we are highly curious to know more about AMD’s vision to compete in CPU and GPU market. Since the launch of Ryzen, AMD has significantly gained momentum in CPU market and we cannot wait to see the same in GPU market with the launch of Vega.

The top executives of AMD will discuss the roadmap on May 16, 2017 while sharing an insight on future plans for AMD Vega, Navi & Zen+. AMD Vega is already portrayed as next big thing in graphics card generation, while AMD has even plans to further the scalability of Vega by introducing Navi in 2018.

Do not miss out the event on 16th of May, 2017.


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