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AMD Officially Announced Computex 2017 Press Conference on May, 31, 2017

AMD has officially given a confirmation about the press conference that will be held at Computex 2017 on May 31, 2017. This was confirmed by Videocardz.com in an email, which AMD sent to press members only.

However, no specific date of press conference was mentioned in the mail earlier. Now, Videocardz has reported with confirmation that AMD will host the press conference by May 31st. This was stated as:

At COMPUTEX 2017, AMD would like to invite you to our press conference, starting at 10 a.m., May 31st at The Westin Taipei, to hear AMD President and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, and other senior AMD business leaders, share information on the latest set of high-performance AMD products and technologies for PCs, immersive devices and datacenters.

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Computex 2017

The press conference will be hosted by Lisa Su and other senior AMD business leaders. In other words, this will mark the event where we will see the AMD Vega revealing official. There are lots of questions about the prices, specs, roadmap of AMD Vega and other AMD future hardware technology.We hope all of the questions will be answered at Computex 2017 press conference. We may also know more about Navi and Zen+ at Computex 2017.

Navi will become the next big thing after AMD Vega architecture. Vega based GPUs will be focused more on HBM2 for enhanced performance, with Navi, the next focus will be on memory and scalability. Nothing more is known as of yet about AMD Navi, but so far we know that it will be built on Globalfoundries’ 7nm FinFET. Navi will launch sometime in 2018-2019. We will remain excited till Computex 2017 commences and AMD sheds more light on Navi.

AMD has not only plans for its GPU architecture, but, it has also plans for its next gen Zen CPUs. Zen+ will be the next generation of CPU lineup, which will perform 40 percent better than current Zen CPUs. Zen+ is a confirmed as a successor to Zen CPUs and it will launch over a period of 3 to 5 years from now. We are eager to wait till AMD decides to shade the light on the roadmap for Zen+.

Stay tuned on May 31, 2017 and we will cover more news on AMD Vega, Navi & Zen+. Let us know or share your thoughts on Vega, Navi & Zen+ in comments section below.





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