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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Officially showcased, Will Utilize new X399 Platform

Earlier today at Computex 2017 AMD officially showcased Ryzen Threadipper. Ryzen Threadripper will feature 16-cores and 32-threads and it will utilize the new X399 platform and LGA socket.

The information was shared by Don Waligroski who took part in AMD Meet The Expert Webinar session. The hardware details on Ryzen Threadripper includes information about CPU Cache, PCIe lanes and socket compatibility and TDP.

The processor is officially coming this summer, probably along with Radeon RX Vega, till then here are the details we have come to know so far on Ryzen Threadripper.

The highest-end of Ryzen Threadripper will have 40 MB of CPU Cache. This detail is something that has never slipped to any leaks before. The highest variant will also have 16-cores and 32-threads.

Ryzen Threadripper

Regarding information on PCIe lanes, AMD said that whether you go for high-end or low-end Threadripper, you will always get 48 PCIe lanes dedicated to multiple graphics cards functionality. In addition, it will support 64 PCIe GEN 3 Lanes.

Ryzen Threadripper

AMD further mentioned that every Threadripper will have quad-channel memory support:

Once again, doesn’t matter you can buy the lowest-end Threadripper and you gonna get that quad-channel memory, that really fast DDR4 support

Ryzen Threadripper

Regarding Socket and TDP for Ryzen Threadripper processor, AMD said:

Threadripper will be using a socket called TR4 essentially it’s very similar to the higher-end server socket, but it’s not compatible, so you can’t put EPYC CPU into Threadripper platform […] I think it might even have the same number of pins, it’s a very similar socket… I see there are some questions about TDP, once again we can’t really speak any specifics other than what we released already […] but I think you will be pleased, very competitive TDPs.

That is all the information available on Ryzen Threadripper right now, we will update the list once we get to know more, officially.



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