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YouTube YPP Rule Change Means No Monetization Until You Have 10,000 Views

YouTube Partner Program has not only been a source of expression for users, but it has also been a source of income for many; a major one at that. However, some have abused and misused the platform for what it is, and YouTube has taken notice of it. Now, YouTube is working to weed-out those bad eggs and apply stringent measures on its monetization platform.

According to a latest blog post, ads will be served on videos only if the channel posting the video has crossed the threshold of 10,000 lifetime views. There is two-fold reasoning behind this step by YouTube: One, by updating the 10k-threshold, YouTube will be able to monitor channels and acquire information about those who would be applying for YPP programs, so that they can validate their content, and keep a check on whether a particular channel is dotting all the Is and crossing all the Ts of community rules and guidelines.

That’s not all the criteria for the YPP program either; Once a channel crosses the 10,000 lifetime views threshold that’s been newly-set, YouTube will then verify if the channel’s activity and content matches that of the service’s policy and practices. Once all is good to go, the green light will be given and that channel will be added to the Partner Program, after which ads will be served against its videos.

Channels with less than 10,000 views with monetization need not worry because YouTube will not be touching their status, but the new limit of lifetime views should not be a hindrance to new creators; 10,000 views is not something that an original creator with valid offerings will not be able to cross. But the rest of the change in policy should definitely help to pick out the channels that post unoriginal content.

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