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YouTube TV Is Available For 5 US Cities Now For $35 A Month

YouTube TV, Google’s own live streaming cable service is live for New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. It is competing with services like PlayStation VUE, Sling TV, and DirecTV Now. The service will offer over 50 channels including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Network and Comcast SportsNet. Also hopping aboard are Disney, FX, the CW and BBC World News. A few channels like Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus may be added for an additional fee. You can start with a 30-day free trial and can cancel at anytime. If you pay for a month after that, they throw in a free Chromecast, which already costs $35, so it’s like another free month.

The service will be available to download on Wednesday and start streaming on Thursday. YouTube TV will be available on Chromecast and Chromecast enabled devices as well as iOS and Android devices. Users can record shows with their unlimited cloud DVR systems whenever they like. One YouTube TV subscription comes with six separate accounts that can be used to watch 3 streams at a time. Users will also get access to the YouTube Red app and movies within the YouTube TV catalogue.

The App Itself

TechCrunch was given a pre-release version of the app to test out and according to them it looks “pretty solid”. The app includes 3 tabs, Library, Home and Live and as you scroll down your feed you are shown live streams from every channel you come across. Home shows you the popular stuff on TV and what you should watch, Live shows you what’s on right now and Library is for shows you’ve saved already or movies. 

The streaming itself was a little buggy but after a few patches by YouTube, the quality became pretty solid.

YouTube TV was announced in February this year and its slow roll out is due to the tiptoeing around the cable industry that is used by most of the population. Even though a lot of people have signed up for services like Netflix and Hulu and HBO Now and Amazon Prime Video, the bottom line is that cable services still control the major chunk of broadcasting. If you are on one of those services already you may want to wait and see how much YouTube TV offers in the long run.

Those interested can sign up for the service or to be notified when it reaches their area, here.



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