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Xbox Design Lab Will Remain Exclusive to United States

Last year, Microsoft launched the Xbox Design Lab store to allow the customization of Xbox One controllers.

With over eight million potential combinations, users can choose their own shades and color patterns for the bumpers, triggers, buttons, Directional Pad, Analogue Sticks, and more. In addition, the Xbox One Design Lab also gives the freedom to add a name or personalized message of up to 16 characters in length to be displayed in the front-center of the controller.

The design-your-own controller initiative was received warmly by consumers, with even Microsoft surprised at the large amount of orders being placed on a consistent basis. However, the program was initially launched for only the United States. Back then, Microsoft stated that it would eventually expand to include other regions.

Aaron Greenberg, lead marketing personal, was asked if the Xbox Design Lab would be coming to the United Kingdom any time soon. He stated that Microsoft has heard plenty of feedback of bringing the feature to other markets, but at present the store is going to remain exclusive to the United States.

“Not at this time unfortunately,” he said on Twitter. “[The] team has heard the feedback from fans who want in more markets.”

He refrained from adding further details, possibly meaning that fans residing in other regions of the world shouldn’t get their hopes up to see an announcement any time soon.

Controllers customized through the store can cost as much as $80, while adding a laser-engraved message can raise the price tag by another $10. Despite the high cost, console owners and those who love to plug the controller into their desktop systems, have been making use of the feature since last year.

It is a unique initiative. Only Microsoft currently offers its users to design their own controllers. Sony, on the other hand, is yet to announce any similar program.

via GameSpot

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