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Windows Store Policies Updated to Ban All Game Emulators

Earlier today, Microsoft updated the terms and conditions of its Windows Store to ban all emulators across its platforms.

“Apps that emulate a game system are not allowed on any device family,” reads the new policy from Microsoft. Effective immediately, any existing emulator on the storefront will be removed, if it has not already. In addition, developers will also not be able to upload their emulators and nor will users find any such applications on the Windows Store across Windows 10, Windows phones, tablets, and the Xbox One console.

The news was confirmed when NESBox took to Twitter to confirm that its free Universal Emulator has been removed from the store. The application emulates Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Sega Mega Drive games, among others. Those interested in the emulator can still download it from other third-party file sharing websites.

Microsoft apparently updated its policies on March 27 but it took this long for the emulator to be removed. It should be noted that the Universal Emulator was given a certification on Xbox One last September. However, it was quickly unpublished by Microsoft in the following days.

Clearly, Microsoft is taking the same route as Google Play, which also takes a stern stance against any kind of emulating application for Android devices.

Elsewhere, Windows Store was also updated this week to restrict games and applications that “pose a safety risk or result in discomfort, injury or any other harm” to users. The policy has been introduced due to past cases where some users were attempting to trigger epileptic seizures through their content.

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