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Windows 10 Will Now Receive Major Updates in March and September

According to the latest blog post, Microsoft is now committing to a twice-every-year major update schedule for Windows 10, in a bid to bring more stability, predictability, and customer reliance using security and new features.

Another reason for doing so is to align the Windows 10 and Office365ProPlus updates so that compatibility issues may be reduced, and the update process is simplified for everyone involved. Microsoft has already released the Creators Update for Windows 10 recently, and its next major update, rumored to be called
Redstone 3″, is set for release in September later this year. Now, after the latest announcement, we could look forward to bi-annual major updates for Windows 10 PCs around the world.

Windows updates have been known to cause compatibility issues with software and supported programs due to a lack of coordination and mismatch of resources, but after Microsoft adopts the new schedule for updates, things should become a lot smoother when it comes to software support and customer service. Moreover, as stated in the blog post, it would also make “large-scale, costly wipe-and-replace Windows deployments every few years a thing of the past”.

As for the rumored Redstone 3, features for which are regularly delivered to testers in the Windows Insider program, some exciting new additions are reported to be awaiting the users when it finally releases, including a power management system called “Windows Power Throttling” that would conserve battery by throttling memory usage of background apps. Also, “Project Neon” is also reported to part of the update and is set to bring a number of visual changes to the interface, especially to Windows Explorer.

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