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Windows 10 Creators Update Introduces Game Mode for Optimal Gaming

The Windows 10 Creators Update has finally arrived, introducing a new Game Mode that aims to improve “overall gaming performance and consistency.”

According to Microsoft, the update optimizes system resources more efficiently while playing games. This allows players to take full advantage of their system specifications without sacrificing performance gains, or using third-party software to achieve the same goal.

While there is talk about improvements, we will wait for benchmarks to arrive for the final Windows 10 Creators Update to know for sure how large the difference is. Those who have already updated their operating systems can access the Game Mode by pulling up the Game Bar and clicking on the Settings button. From there, the feature can be toggled for the game currently running.

Microsoft has also confirmed that the new mode will function for current games in the market and will likely support those releasing in the future.

Posting on his official blog, head of Xbox Live Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb noted that the Windows 10 Creators Update is the “first milestone” in Microsoft’s commitment to continually updating and improving the gaming experience on the new operating system.

Last week, Microsoft updated the terms and conditions of its Windows Store to ban all emulators across its platforms. Any existing emulator on the storefront is being removed, if it has not already. In addition, developers will also not be able to upload their emulators and nor will users find any such applications on the Windows Store across Windows 10, Windows phones, tablets, and the Xbox One console. The company is also restricting games and applications to land on its store that “pose a safety risk or result in discomfort, injury or any other harm” to users.

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