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Vivendi Will Attempt to Takeover Ubisoft This Year, Has Accelerated the Acquisition

Vivendi is still eyeing to takeover Ubisoft, and may possibly be planning to move in for the final punch within this very year.

A new report by Reuters confirms that the French conglomerate has been busy acquiring the shares of Ubisoft over the past couple of years, gradually working its way towards its goal. Currently, it owns just over 25 percent but has recently begun accelerating its acquisitions.

Sources close to the matter are confident that Vivendi will move in to completely takeover the Assassin’s Creed developer and publisher later this year. It is the “second phase” of the plan, which also involves advertising group Havas. When Vivendi manages to own at least 30 percent of shares, it will be required by law to make Ubisoft an offer.

Ubisoft, on the other hand, is resisting the hostile takeover and has made it apparent that it will not go down without a fight. When the potential takeover was brought into light last year, Ubisoft’s vice president of live operations Anne Blondel stated that its “independence” is what has led to the company’s success. There is absolutely no way that Ubisoft will even consider an offer from Vivendi.

For the time being, Ubisoft has responded by buying back more shares and appointing independent directors. While the board plans out its next move, Vivendi has already taken over Gameloft which was founded by The Guillemot family. As much as Vivendi continues to claim that it has no interest in a hostile takeover, its actions speak otherwise.

Yves Guillemot, current CEO of Ubisoft, has gone on record to state that he will resign if his beloved company takes up new ownership.

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