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Twitter Lite Consumes Less Data And You Can Now Use All 140 Characters To Reply

Twitter has come out with a lite version called Twitter Lite that consumes less data for countries with smaller data plans. In other news, the company also rolled out an update that allows you to reply to tweets using all 140 characters. Both updates will allow a more efficient use of the platform for more people around the world. Although it’s not very likely to boost Twitter’s monthly or daily active user count.

Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite takes up less than a megabyte of storage and blurs pictures and videos until they’re tapped. Futhermore, there’s a data saver mode which allows for less data-hungry browsing in the app as well as a saving 70% more data than on the regular app. It also allows people to access twitter faster by up to 30%. Both those numbers can make a significant difference on 3G speeds in most third world countries. In fact Twitter boasts a maximum loading time of five seconds “to the point of interactivity”. Twitter Lite also offers offline support so there’s no chance that you’ll be interrupted in case of a bad connection. 

Twitter claims that 45% of the worldwide cell phone connections are still on slower 2G connections even though 3G and 4G adoption among third world nations, is increasing each year.

Twitter Lite was apparently made in partnership with Google and offers push notifications and shows up as a normal app in the app drawer if you create a desktop version of it through the Chrome Browser.

Twitter’s Lite version has come long after Facebook’s Lite app and it has a lot to catch up to. Not only does Twitter not have even half the monthly active users that Facebook does, Facebook’s Lite app has over 200 million users. That’s just 100 million short of the users Twitter has altogether.

Twitter Lite is targeted heavily towards the burgeoning Internet user base in India, which is projected to reach 465 million users in June of this year. The company has partnered with Vodafone, which has 177 million subscribers, to aggressively promote it to their users.

Use All 140 Characters To Reply

Replying to someone on twitter can get a bit tricky, in fact, it gets trickier and trickier the more people are involved in the conversation because their usernames take up a lot of space in the 140-character limit. So twitter has released an update that allows you to use all 140 characters in your reply while the names of the people you are replying to show up above your reply.



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