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The Nintendo Switch Is Heating Up So Much While Docked, It’s Bending

Some Nintendo Switch owners are posting photos of their warped consoles. The Switch may not be as powerful as the PS4 or the Xbox One but it’s certainly known to get hot and bleed battery life. But getting so hot that there is a noticeable bend in the hardware is out of hand. That’s almost Galaxy Note 7 level overheating.

The problem is occurring with Switch units that spend a lot of time in the docking station. Reddit user _NSR posted this picture of his console with a conspicuous bend.

A few users on the same Reddit thread have reported similar issues with their Nintendo Switch units. This hasn’t been a widely reported issue, though, so it may be with a few isolated units. Nintendo hasn’t publicly acknowledged it, either.

Other Problems With The Nintendo Switch

While the Switch has been insanely popular as a console and has become one of the fastest selling consoles of all time (selling more than half a million units in its first four weeks), it has had its share of problems. People have been reporting the Joy con disconnection issue which Nintendo apparently solved for all future models. There has been the blank screen issue that a few users reported on launch day. Also, the Switch has been known to get scratched when it’s in the docking station.

All of this coupled with the fact that the switch literally has only one major title to play on it (Zelda; Breath of the Wild) results in some mixed feelings. With this warping issue with some consoles, the switch is set to have one of the most mixed receptions to a console ever. That is if Nintendo can’t come out with other major game titles soon enough.

The Nintendo Switch Has A Second Major Title To Play

It’s not exactly new, but the Lego City: Undercover title for the Nintendo Switch will at least stall the naysayers who have been deriding the Switch for being a one game console. You can also pre-order Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition for 20% from Amazon if you’re a Prime Member.




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