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The iPhone 8 Design Leak Suggests A Big Change

A recent leak of the iPhone 8 design shows a conspicuous hole on the back of the model. It signals that like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Google Pixel and the LG G6, Apple is shifting the iPhone fingerprint sensor to the back of the device. This is an obvious choice given that most flagships this year will shift to a bezel-less design. However, whether the decision will be popular with the public is anyone’s guess.

The iPhone 8 leak shows its rear housing design. There are two holes in it, one for the Apple logo, and another below it, presumably for a fingerprint sensor. This is a terrible placement. Try picking up your phone and placing your finger where the design shows the sensor. It makes holding the phone harder and just doesn’t feel natural.

Fingerprint Sensor Placement Matters

The Samsung Galaxy S8 received rave reviews from almost every tech reviewer on release but when they had time to play with it, some of them began voicing concerns about the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Samsung decided to place it to the right of the camera lens. This awkward placement apparently makes it hard for people to unlock the phone and the sensor is also prone to more errors due to the placement.

But that’s a one-off, what about the LG G6 and the Google Pixel? Well, their fingerprint sensors don’t run into a lot of problems but their position on the back of the phone forces you to pick up your phone off a surface instead of just placing your finger on the home button and lighting up the screen.

With near bezel-less displays becoming the norm, it looks like we’ll have to trade in a little more beauty for a little less functionality.

Speculation & Nothing More?

The leaked design resembles iPhones of the past more than the minimalist designs the device is known for today. Unless the big A is going retro for the tenth anniversary iPhone, this leak could be a red herring. Then again, it does feature space for a vertical, dual camera.

Other Rumours/Leaks

  • The new iPhone will have a nearly bezel-less/edge-to-edge display
  • Dual lens on the front facing camera
  • Apple will design faster chips using a 10-nanometer process instead of the old 16-nanometer process
  • Curved glass on the front and concept similar to the iPhone 4
  • Wireless Charging
  • OLED panels
  • Two standard models and one tenth anniversary model will be released


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