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Star Wars: Battlefront II Pre-Order Incentives Feature “Epic Ability Modifiers”

Securing an early copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II will ensure that your troops are “upgraded” for superior fighting advantage later this year.

Present at the Star Wars Celebration over the weekend, publishing giant Electronic Arts revealed what pre-order bonuses await fans for the second installment in the franchise.

“Every trooper class (Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist) is upgraded, delivering superior firepower, deadly weapon modifications, and epic combat abilities,” reads the official listing.

In addition to getting early access, early adopters will bypass any grinding for a few particular weapons. These will be unlocked for them when the game officially releases. Also, players will receive four ability upgrades for each available class as well as ability modifiers for Kylo Ren and Rey.

Here are the specifics to the pre-order bonuses of Star Wars: Battlefront II:

  • Access to play Star Wars Battlefront II on November 14–a 3-day head start
  • Upgraded versions of all 4 trooper classes (Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist)
  • Four epic ability upgrades—one for each trooper class
  • Instant weapon unlocks and weapon modifications for each trooper class
  • Exclusive Kylo Ren- and Rey-themed looks, inspired by Star Wars : The Last Jedi (also in standard edition pre-order)
  • Epic ability modifiers for Kylo Ren and Rey (also in standard edition pre-order)
  • An epic ability modifier for the Millennium Falcon (also in standard edition pre-order)

The Standard Edition of Star Wars: Battlefront II will come with the last three items on the list above. However, a Deluxe Edition will feature all the items. In comparison, the Deluxe Edition will set players back by $80 while the standard edition will run with the usual $60 price tag.

There is still no information on what each of the classes will be able to do, or what ability upgrades we can expect on day-one. Fans are particularly interested in the ability modifier for the Millennium Falcon. Without any confirmation, we are left to speculate whether these abilities are exclusive to early adopters or will be available in the game to unlock.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is scheduled for an official release on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Members of EA Access and Origin Access will have the opportunity to try the game out from November 9. As always, there will be a specific time limit to how much you can play during the early access period.

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