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Spider-Man Listing Mentions Possible Release Date

It was earlier this month when Marvel confirmed that Spider-Man would be releasing exclusively for PlayStation 4 during the holiday season. However, a concrete release date was never shared by either it nor developer Insomniac Games.

If a new retailer listing is to be believed, Spider-Man may officially release on December 26. The listing is by GameStop and is currently taking in pre-orders. The product description, though, carries no other details.

Without any confirmation, it is unknown if the release date is a placeholder. While retailers are known to do so with highly anticipated upcoming releases, the placeholder dates are usually the last day of the year.

Spider-Man was announced as an open-world action-adventure game during Sony’s press briefing at E3 2016. However, the information stream for the game since then has been less than satisfactory. Insomniac Games is likely busy with the development process and will show more when it feels it is ready.

That being said, it is safe to assume that the studio is planning a major reveal soon. Ryan Penagos, vice president and executive editor at Marvel Digital Media, dropped a teaser a couple of weeks back. It appeared to be from an upcoming action trailer of the game, something that we are expecting to see in the coming months at E3 2017.

Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 is just one of many upcoming titles from the Marvel universe. There is also Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, which is scheduled to release this year; though, it will potentially arrive much sooner than the web-slinging superhero.

The developer has previously confirmed that the game is not related to the upcoming movie. Fans shouldn’t consider this as a tie-in, since the game features an entirely different setting. It’s also not an origins story; Peter Parker will be depicted as a very seasoned fighter in the game. However, at the same time, the storyline will focus on his struggle to balance his personal life and career.

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