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Sony Confirms E3 2017 Lineup, New God of War Trailer Inbound

Sony has officially confirmed the lineup of games that it will be showcasing during its press briefing at E3 2017 in the second week of June.

A new God of War trailer is on the agenda, featuring both Kratos and his son as they visit the grand mythological halls of Valhalla. Sony Santa Monica will personally take the stage to inaugurate the trailer as well as show more from the upcoming God of War installment.

One year after the announcement of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima plans to attend the expo once again to null everyone’s senses with another mysterious trailer. While there is no confirmation, we can only hope that we will receive actual gameplay footage and not an enigmatic encounter of strange events.

Days Gone will also be featured at E3 2017 as well. Following months of silence, Sony Bend is returning to the grand stage to release a new trailer for its upcoming post-apocalyptic survival horror game. According to rumors, a release date for Days Gone will also be confirmed.

The Last of Us Part 2 is another title that Sony will be showcasing this year. The previous teaser only confirmed the sequel’s existence and that Joel and Ellie are back together. Hopefully, E3 2017 will give us more to chew on.

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade hasn’t been in the news for a while but the game is finally in a condition to be properly showcased. E3 2017 is expected to bring big news regarding the game’s release. With previous statements hinting towards a release in the second half of the year, E3 2017 mighty possibly confirm that for us.

Take note that these are only the exclusive games that Sony will be highlighting during its press conference. There are still various other multi-platform titles that will appear during the expo.

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