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Samsung to Reportedly Ship Galaxy Note7 Refurbished Handsets in June

According to a new report from South Korean ET News, Galaxy Note7 is set to make a comeback, even if its only in one region. Long-standing rumors about Samsung launching its 2016 flagship phablet in refurbished form could be proven true this summer, if ET News are to be believed.

Ever since Galaxy Note7 devices started to involuntarily catch fire and explode, especially during charging, right after its launch in September of last year, and the subsequent multiple worldwide recalls that cost Samsung more than $5 billion in damages, rumors of the doomed phablet making its way back to the market have been swirling around. Sometimes they’re vivid and booming from multiple sources with a quote from a supply chain source, and sometimes the news outlets are running on empty fumes trying to clutch at straws for a story, but Samsung hasn’t successfully managed to keep the reason for its uncountable bad publicity away from the eyes of the media.

Today, ET News has claimed that three carriers in South Korea are set to bring back Note7 – to be dubbed Galaxy Note7 R – this June. Moreover, Note7 R will see its price slashed by more than $200, $220 to be exact according to ET News, and it will feature a smaller, 3200 mAh battery. At the time of launch, Note7 featured a 3,500 mAh battery, but after it was later proved that the explosions were caused due to the lack of room in the housing for the battery, Samsung has decided to ship a smaller juice pack with the refurbished variants.

Previously, Samsung has denied to confirm that Note7 will not be back in any shape or form. On the contrary, the South Korean tech giants stated that the objective behind releasing refurbished phones is to minimize the impact that they have on the environment, neglecting any financial kick-back that it could receive after suffering from heavy losses.

There is still no official word on the subject from Samsung, and we’d take all reports with a pinch of salt until there is something concrete from Samsung’s end.

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