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Samsung, Qualcomm Already Looking Towards Galaxy S9, Snapdragon 845

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8, is hardly done delighting and amazing its users, and already it looks like both Samsung and Qualcomm, the company that supplies the SoC for Samsung’s flagships, are looking forward to next year. According to a report in The Investor, Qualcomm has started development work on its subsequent flagship SoC dubbed “Snapdragon 845” that will be used in Samsung’s 2018 flagship, Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S8 features the latest Snapdragon 835 that’s based on the 10 nano-meter manufacturing technology boasting 27 percent faster processing as well as a significant 30 percent jump in efficiency. It was a dubbed a major step forward in mobile computing, and Samsung’s latest micro-bezel flagship is the only Android phone in the market right now that comes with the fastest in Qualcomm SoCs.

But seemingly, neither Samsung nor Qualcomm are content with simply being the best for this year and both seem to be planning for next’s year partnership between Galaxy S9 and, what reports are calling, Snapdragon 845. Moreover, Qualcomm and Samsung are looking to up the ante on the end of virtual and augmented reality, and securing the SoC for its next flagship is certain to give the South Korean tech giant the upper hand once again over other Android competitors.

It was Samsung’s quick-moving strategy and manufacturing assistance that allowed it to pip LG with their flagship G6, and launch the only smartphone with the latest and fastest Qualcomm SoC. Starting so early and focusing on next year’s strategy will only serve to highlight Samsung’s dedication and will towards not only securing, but maintaining its dominance in several markets.

As for this year’s Galaxy S8, it has been received in a positive manner by both users and critics, and its micro-bezel full-screen “Infinity Display” is to thank for the large part of the plaudits that have come its way. Of course, other components are also part of what makes Galaxy S8 arguably the front-runner in Android phones this year, including this year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and Samsung’s first virtual assistant “Bixby”.

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