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Samsung Galaxy S8 Variant with Dual-Camera Spotted

After Samsung previously made it clear that the reason a rear dual-camera setup route was not pursued for its Galaxy S8, a photo of an alleged prototype has made rounds online today, showing how this year’s flagship would’ve looked had Samsung decided to keep it in.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ were launched on March 31 at a press event in New York, where it was unveiled with its micro-bezel curved Super AMOLED display, that Samsung is calling the “Infinity” display. Moreover, Galaxy S8 came with the same amount of RAM as Galaxy S7 from last year i.e 3 GB, but it also features Samsung’s first swing at a virtual assistant called “Bixby” that the user may launch using its own dedicated button. Speaking of buttons, there are no capacitive buttons or the Home button for that matter on Galaxy S8 and S8+.

However, there is one pice of hardware that users would’ve liked an upgrade to with this year’s flagship, and that’s the camera on the Galaxy S8; the rear camera is the same as Galaxy S7, but the front-facing lens has been upgraded to an 8MP lens, citing the ever-increasing importance of the selfie shooter. After Apple, Huawei, and LG launched flagship handsets with a dual-camera setup, Samsung was also tipped to do the same. It was only after The Verge spoke to an official at the Galaxy S8 Preview Event in South Korea that we came to know that despite considering it as a possible upgrade, Samsung “has not found any real value in it yet”.

An alleged image of a prototype, however, found its way online and it was spotted on Chinese social media site Weibo, showing how the flagship smartphone would’ve looked with a dual-lens camera at the back. Interestingly enough, there is no fingerprint scanner at the back of the device in this photo, which could not only mean that this variant is from the early stages of development when Samsung hoped it would be able to incorporate the fingerprint scanner in the display itself, it could also hint at the Galaxy Note8’s design.

Note8 is due out later this year and it’s already been tipped to feature an almost-identical design to the Galaxy S8, but it would feature some important distinguishing elements, and this dual-lens rear camera could be one of them.

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