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Samsung Galaxy Note8 Leaked Images Hint at Galaxy S8-Like Exterior

Alleged leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 have been posted by LeakSpinner on SlashLeaks, and the upcoming flagship phablet looks strikingly similar to Galaxy S8 in the pictures.

Samsung has previously confirmed that the Galaxy Note series of phablets will continue, after last year’s Note7 debacle that started with the phones catching fire and exploding on their own, and ended with multiple worldwide recalls and losses north of $5 billion to the South Korean tech giants.

In the leaked image posted by LeakSpinner, who has a number of credible leaks to his name previously, the Note8 looks almost identical to the flagship Galaxy S8 launched on March 31 and set for release later this month on April 21. Minor difference in the body could be observed, however, as Note8 seems more square-shaped than Galaxy S8. There’s the S Pen of course, visible in the picture as well, sitting beside the alleged Note8 device, that is the biggest point of difference between the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series. But there’s also something that lets this “leaked image”down: the lack of a slot for the S Pen to be housed in the device.

Assuming that the phone in the picture is indeed the Note8, it hints at the inclusion of Samsung’s first virtual assistant Bixby, and no physical Home button similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched a few weeks ago. But, like all rumors, we have to take this with a pinch of salt before more credible leaks come forward, as they do inevitably.

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  1. Its going to be mega expensive like the s8. I don’t mind paying around 550 mark but no more than that.


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