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Samsung Completes Qualification of 10LPP, Production to Start Q4 2017

Samsung Electronics has announced recently that it has completed the qualification for the next generation 10 nano meter based FinFet process technology, named as 10LPP. 10LPP (Low-Power Plus) will become soon a successor to 10LPE (Low-Power Early), which is a first generation process technology powering few flagship devices of Samsung and other OEMs.

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Initially, it was Samsung Electronics who took the initiative and brought mass level production of SoCs (System-on-chips) products on its 10LPE process technology. With upcoming 10LPP process technology, Samsung not only aims to redesign the architecture of its process technology, but the company is more inclined to bring in high performance mobile, computing and network applications.

Ryan Lee, Vice President of foundry marketing at Samsung electronics further praised the 10LPP architecture by saying:

10LPP will be one of our key process offerings…. and Samsung will continue to offer the most advanced logic process technology.

The new 10-Low-Power-Plus architecture is reported to come with an enhancement in its 3D FinFet architecture. Roughly, 10LPE’s successor will allow 10 percent higher performance boost and 15 percent lower power consumption. Currently, the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone versions are powered by 10LPE architecture based SoCs.


Regarding mass level production and leading the consumer electronics industry, Ryan Lee further said:

 With our successful 10LPE production experience, we have commenced production of the 10LPP to maintain our leadership in the advanced-node foundry market

Samsung mentioned that it has started installing production equipment at its newest S3-line in Hwaseong, Korea. Samsung focuses to lead the industry by providing first the 10LPP architecture at a mass level and the production is set to start by Q4, 2017.

If the current Samsung flagship Galaxy S8 is based on older 10LPE architecture and that new 10LPP is reported to pack extra performance at expense of lower power consumption, one can wonder the level of innovation and advancement Samsung is trying to bring in for the industry.





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