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Rumor: Project Scorpio Named Xbox One X, Could Be Announced This Week

The rumor mill has been churning all weekend. If reports are to be believed, Project Scorpio is the placeholder name for Xbox One X. In addition, the console is being prepared for an official unveiling which could happen as soon as the coming weekend.

The rumors don’t clarify as to what the “X” denotes here. Where Xbox One S highlights the slim variant, Xbox One X might be for the Xtreme variant? Nonetheless, it is exciting to know that there is a possibility we’ll finally be laying eyes on the “most powerful console” ever made.

Microsoft is obviously going to dedicate the entirety of its E3 2017 press briefing to convince the masses to purchase a unit later this year. However, previous reports suggested that the company might unveil the console sooner so as to have more time to go into details such as its features, specifications, launch plans, games in development, the ever-glorious aspect of 4K resolution, and etc.

There is a lot of speculation regarding the final price point of Xbox One X, or for the time being, Project Scorpio. Boss Phil Spencer has reiterated on various occasions in the past that the upcoming console should be seen as a premium offering from the company. This has led many to believe that it will be priced between $350-400. Anything more could be a possibility but also something that might spark the ire of fans.

All that aside, the only element that will result in the success of Project Scorpio is a stream of healthy content. Microsoft is yet to announce what games it plans to bring over to the console. This includes exclusive titles from both first- and third-party developers. We might get our answers soon.

Despite the hype around Project Scorpio, Microsoft believes that Xbox One S will still be the best seller for the company. Project Scorpio is designed for power-hungry users, and a high price tag reflect that. Both console iterations are expected to pave the way for Microsoft into a new era of gaming for its loyal consumer-base.

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