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RADEON RX VEGA Teased in Leaked Image With Quake Champions

AMD RX Vega series is close to its launch; however we only know that the series will come out in Q2, 2017 and that no exact date is announced so far. A recent imaged leaked at InformaticaCero.com teases RADEON RX Vega packaging with Quake Champions.

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It is unclear as no details about launch of either Quake Champions or RADEON RX Vega is written at leaked image of packaging. However, we can merely speculate that both can launch in a single day.

RX Vega

Additionally, the packaging of RADEON RX Vega lists Direct X 12, Vulkan and Radeon Chill technology. The list points at one clear stand point that as of now, there are no Vega exclusive features that may set it apart from Polaris based RX 500 series. In layman’s terms, the information on list tells nothing extraordinary that a Radeon RX 500 series cards will not have already.

Quake Champions is the new upcoming first-person shooter from id Software whose release date is not announced. It makes perfect sense to debut or feature its release along with a RADEON RX Vega GPU; the most advanced gpu ever made.

In parallel news, AMD has launched Radeon Pro duo, world’s first dual-GPU card with a massive 32GB of GDDR5 memory. The graphics card is based on Polaris architecture consisting of dual Polaris GPUs. Radeon Pro duo is the graphics card designed mainly for professionals as it excels at media and entertainment, design and manufacturing workflows, broadcast and complex multi-tasking loads. Radeon Pro duo is essentially a non-gaming graphics card.

Since AMD has already jumped on the track of making a single body with dual GPU inside business, a gaming-only related dual-GPU will soon become a reality. It is only question of time as when will a card similar to Radeon Pro will come out for gaming purpose only.

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