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Radeon RX-500 Series is Codenamed Polaris 20

It’s no secret anymore that Radeon RX-500 exists and is impending release later this month, according to reports. The evidences keep piling up as we move forward – Gigabyte’s entire lineup was leaked recently. Now we have confirmation that RX-500 is codenamed Polaris 20.

The codenames were spotted by Videocardz in a recent driver update. The device listing quite clearly mentions Radeon RX-570 as Polaris 20 XL and Radeon RX-580 as Polaris 20 XTX.

It makes sense for AMD to use the naming schemes as RX-570 and RX-580 are nothing but refresh of the existing Polaris 10 lineup that includes predecessors RX-470 and RX-480. Radeon RX-560 is also part of the new lineup but not listed in the driver, and it’s pretty certain that it will be codenamed Polaris 21.

The new series will welcome new graphics cards based on the long-awaited Vega architecture. The GPUs under Vega 10 and Vega 11 will occupy the high-end slots. AMD is keeping a tight lid on the RX-500 series, but multiple reports point to an April release. Aside from being refresh, RX-500 series GPUs will feature higher clockspeeds than their RX-400 series counterparts.

The big one aka Vega, will release sometime in May.

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